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Your private email service

Lelantos is a non-profit organization that believes in an individual's right to privacy. Our top priority is your anonymity, privacy and security.


Aug 25-30 - Extensive downtime due to corrupt filesystem, which in turn slowly corrupted the database. Our backup was also partially corrupted. This might not have been such an issue with data recovery except its of course on an encrypted partition. Manual (very manual) recovery and very little sleep for Lelantosians. We apologize for the lack of communication but realistically, we also face hacking, DDOS etc etc on a daily basis. We unfortunately stay silent on issues until they are resolved.
A few more things need tidying up (members section rebuild), but onwards and upwards - many, many lessons learned.

Aug 25 - Lelantos has implemented DKIM signing for all outgoing mail. This greatly reduces the chance of other mail services pretending to be Lelantos or sending from the domains our members use. For more information about DKIM please visit:
DKIM description at Wikipedia

Aug 20 - Some recent members had problems authenticating - we apologize for the inconvenience. This has been fixed.

Aug 20 - The ability to send e-mail from Squirrelmail has been restored. Although Squirrelmail will always be kept as a service offered by Lelantos, we are actively looking for additional safe, private, secure webmail solutions to add.

Aug 1 - We have made major upgrades today. Revamped services, improved reliabilty, and taken many of our members concerns to heart. More news will come in the following days!

May 3 - Emergency maintenance to take care of recently discovered bugs in OpenSSL
(For those interested in the details: https://mta.openssl.org/pipermail/openssl-announce/2016-April/000069.html

March 22 - We have integrated Mailvelope into our Roundcube webmail service. For more information on how to use Mailvelope, please read about it at:
Mailvelope Inrtegration for PGP
Mailvelope Documentation

March 22 - Roundcube has been upgraded and is again operational.

March 21 - We have installed a new self-signed TLS certificate. You will receive a warning that the certificate is self-signed. We will likely have to change this again in the near future as we try out new PKI infrastructure.

March 21 - Remaining issues with authentication on the members section and Roundcube should be resolved by tomorrow. Thank-you for your patience. Squirrelmail and connecting directly with an e-mail client such as Thunderbird is not affected by this issue.

Jan 23 - Authentication issues with Roundcube have been resolved. The Members section is also working, although a few last functions will not be available for a couple more days. If you continue to have login problems we will be monitoring for this and correcting them if they occur.

Jan 14 - Authentication issues persist with Roundcube webmail. In addition, we are attempting various ways to eliminate the TLS/SSL warning that may show up for you the first time you use our service. This is due to the current impossibility of registering a .onion Tor domain through the regular domain registration system.
Dec 22 - The registration process is fixed -- new e-mail accounts are activated immediately upon payment.

Dec 21 - We are still working on some remaining issuess. If you have signed up for an account over the last 3 days, it may not be activated yet due to a database issue.
PLEASE REREGISTER with the SAME USERNAME and we will activate the acount for free. Our apologies.

Dec 17 - Lelantos -- Reborn! Due to a DDOS attack that began on December 4th, and what we believe were some attempts at using potential
exploits in Roundcube and Squirrelmail, we made the decision to reuild our infrastrucure and software.

Since September 2013, Lelantos continues to be one of the few foundational organizations based solely on the deep net - we have just begun.

Sincerely, Lelantos.


Add your public PGP key to encrypt incoming email. Even if your sender forgets, we've got you covered.

Multiple Email

Don't want to use your primary email address? As a member you can register over 100 email addresses as you need them!


Is someone asking for your email address? Give them a temporary address and save yourself from third-party spam.

Self Destructing Messages

Optionally, you can set your e-mail messages to expire and be securely deleted. (Autodelete old e-mails from 2 days to 365 days old)

Integration with future Open Source Technology

We're working with MailPile to bring the ultimate in end-to-end PGP encryption.

Dark Mail Support (SMTorP)

Lelantos actively supports and advocates for moving all e-mail traffic through Tor.

Our Values

We believe that emails weren't meant to last forever — shared amongst 3rd parties, filtered, searched, and stored years for retrieval by various government agencies or other hostile entities around the world.

We have hot standby servers located in geopolitically different locations around the world and offer multiple clearnet email domain names to choose from, with more added overtime.

Built for you

Our systems have been built for resilience and security in the darknet world. All of our servers and email data are encrypted and run through Tor, you have the option to PGP encrypt your email and securely delete any message older than six-months old (soon).